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Prices in season 2021-2022

Ski passes

 adultschildren (7-16v)senioris (over 65v)
season pass340€310€310€
family season pass880€
company pass550€
1 h21€19€19€
2 h24€22€22€
3 h26€24€24€
evening ticket I)30€27€27€
one day ticket II)34€30€30€
weekend ticket III)46€40€40€
evening ticket for family IV)85€
day ticket for family95€
Night run ticket V)32€29€29€
10 tickets package VI)190€190€190€
Lastenmaa area ticket VII)12€/day12€/day12€/day
Lastenmaa area group ticket VII)36€
Lastenmaa area season pass160€160€160€
Reloadable SnowCard IX)6 €6 €6 €

Children under 7 years with helmet have free entry when going with parent.

Family season pass includes 2 adult season passes and 2 children season passes OR 1 adult and 3 children. Only for families.

I) Evening pass is valid from 3pm to closing time.
II) One day pass is valid whole day, excluding Night run (max. 10h)
III) Weekend pass is valid sat-sun
IV) Family pass includes 2 adults + 2 kids / 1 adult + 3 kids
V) Night run pass is valid from 10am/3pm to midnight
VI) 10 ticket package is not personal, the whole family can use the tickets

VII) You can enter Lastenmaa with your season pass, Lastenmaa area season pass or with any type of ski pass or area pass. Lastenmaa area passes need Snowcard. Also in Lastenmaa children under 7 years with helmet have free entry with parent.
VIII) Lastenmaa area pass for group includes 4 area pass uploads (children under 7 years are free of charge). Every person must have their own SnowCard for uploading passes.

IX) Reloadable ski pass “SnowCard” is personal and you have to buy it once. Take it always with you to load ski pass time. Season pass and hour pass look different. Find all SnowCard centers here.

Groups over 10 persons get -20% from normal prices. Everyone needs their own SnowCard.

All ski passes (including Lastenmaa area passes) are uploaded to Reloadable ski pass “SnowCard”.
SnowCard is personal and you have to buy it once (price 6€). Take it always with you to Mielakka.
Season pass and hour pass look different.

Equipment rental

ski / snowboard full set15€17€19€21€26€22€
skis / snowboard10€12€14€16€20€17€
trick skis set18€20€22€24€30€27€
trick skis13€15€17€19€25€22€
cross country ski set10€12€14€16€21€18€
Bi Ski -sled10€

Ski School

Private class (50 min)
extra student
Private class (90 min)
extra student
Private class
(2x50 min)
3 students
4 students


Book your private lessons from Ski rental +358 40 1685 233 (only ski resort open hours).

For companies and special groups please call our sale service +358 40 9000 679 (mon-fri 8-16).

Equipment maintenance


Basic service32€


Basic service32€

Basic service – sharpening the edges, lubrication


Winter wonderland!

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